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At Leibnitz Jazz Festival. Photo courtesy of Peter Purgar

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At Manchester Jazz Festival. Photo courtesy of Adrian Pallant

At Manchester Jazz Festival. Photo courtesy of Adrian Pallant

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"A flute and reeds player of nicely sinuous melodic invention.” - The Telegraph

“The versatile tenorist/flautist, her sound pure toned yet incisive in the upper register in the manner of US master Mark Turner.” - The Evening Standard

“Excellent saxophonist Tori Freestone makes for a very impressive listen. Robust tenor work." - Jazzwise Magazine

“a pleasingly circumspect but powerful and cogent saxophonist.” - Vortex Jazz Review

“Tori Freestone has a warm and open tone, her playing is melodic and innovative…exploring the full range of the saxophone.” - All About Jazz

“Tori Freestone’s tenor solos are models of contemporary jazz styling, her lines free but structured in the sense of being melodic, flowing and intelligible.  Her sound is a personal one, developed from the many influences she has absorbed and fashioned into a bright, modern sound of today.” 
- Jazz Journal

“Well worth watching out for.” - Jazzwise Magazine

“A surprisingly powerful and forthright tenor player. Freestone pushes at the parameters, probing and exploring.” 
- The Jazz Mann

“Freestone’s airy soprano, curling melodies and fragile high sounds are affecting.” - The Guardian

"The revelation of the album." 
- (Review of ‘Yatra’ by Ivo Neame Octet) Jazzwise Magazine

"Clever, thoughtful narrative and a full¬bloomed sound." 
- London Jazz News

 "Freestone’s soprano playing is consistently beautiful.” 
- All About Jazz

“Elegant soprano work.” 
- Vortex Jazz Review

"Freestone’s brawny and slightly freer tenor playing add contrast." - London Jazz News

“Some fine solos from flautist Tori Freestone.” 
- Daily Telegraph (review of 2010 Cheltenham Jazz Festival)

“Freestone exhibits great versatility and a surprising amount of power throughout.” - The Jazz Mann

“Veering from country to jazz behind him was an impressive nine-piece band which included a gem...Tori Freestone, who played stringed instruments, wind instruments and sang backing vocals.” - London Evening Standard (Review of Lee Hazlewood RFH performance)

“Tori Freestone meanwhile simply proved a revelation on tenor saxophone. Her tone was warm and rarely short of pitch perfect, and throughout was a strong melodic force.” 
- Bristol Jazz Collective

"Tori Freestone has a silky, understated, technically stunning command of the saxophone, not hogging the limelight... but playing with humour and panache."
- (review of Spin performance in Oxford)

"Freestone made a strong contribution to the ensemble, sound and soloed in a succinct but intelligent manner."
- The Jazz Mann (review of Ivo Neame Quintet, Dempseys)

"Music may be the healing force of the universe but it’s not helping scheduled guest Gareth Lockrane tonight – he’s off with a heavy dose of winter flu. Fortunately, Tori Freestone is on hand, stepping in at very short notice. This isn’t the sort of gig you can casually dep, either. All the compositions are originals from the drummer/leader, treading the boundaries between jazz, fusion and post-rock, and the trio’s other members are not the sort to play things safe. The set opens with ‘Traveller’ ...Over a shimmering 5/4 ride cymbal pulse, , Freestone confidently launches into an extended exploration on flute. Supported by Sirkis’ ebbing and surging polyrhythms, she take flight into a dazzling solo... Freestone is a natural fit for this band of highly idiosyncratic players; let’s hope more collaborations lie ahead."

Eddie Myer, Jazzwise (live review)